Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Funny Student Tailz...

Okay - I've pulled back the Drapes of Sackcloth from the windows, I'm taking off my Cloak of Depression and I'm going to eviscerate the cloud to try and find that legendary silver lining.

I realized that there haven't been any Funny Student Tailz here for a while (although there has been some Grad Student Whining) - but enough of that!

Recently heard in a class brought to you by Medieval Woman:

Scene: the end of a class on SGGK at the beginning of which I gave a Pop! Reading! Quiz!!!! (*cackles maniacally*)

Student: "Um, do you need this?" (holds out the reading quiz)

MedWom: "Well, I needed it 65 minutes ago...I asked you all to hand back the quizzes right after you took them."

Student: "Oh," (pokes at me with the quiz)

MedWom: "I can't accept that. We already went over the answers in class. Right after they were all handed in."

Student: "No."

MedWom: (*look of befuddlement*) "No, what?"

Student: "No, you didn't go over the answers."

MedWom: "Well, unless I was hallucinating, I'm pretty sure I did. Didn't you hear the hapless groans of some of your classmates when I read the answers out?"

Student: "No. Are you sure you went over the answers?"

MedWom: "Uh-huh."

Student: "I really don't think you did."

MedWom: (*hands on hips; lookin' sassy*) "Your version of reality is irrelevant in this case. I went over the answers and I'm not accepting that quiz. Good day."

Student: "Don't you trust me?"

MedWom: "Honestly, no. Here, gimme that..." (*looks at quiz to see that all the answers were written almost verbatim for how I'd phrased them when I went over them in class*)

MedWom: "What color was the knight Gawain fought?"

Student: "Huh? I dunno..."

MedWom: (*tears up quiz and throws it in the garbage on the way out*) "See you next week..."


Hilaire said...

Oh my god, you're kidding!! That's shocking!

Morganlf said...

What was that student thinking? How bizarre.

Bardiac said...

Wow, just... chartreuse! That's why it's called Gawain and the Chartreuse Knight!!!

squadratomagico said...

tee-hee! The kid's got some cojones, you gotta give him that!

Barbara said...

Rotflmao! Why, oh why, do they think they can argue with us about stuff like this! Doesn't he realize that his answers prove he was too busy writing down what you said to be aware of the fact that you're on to him?

Susan said...

Thanks for the jolt of humor my afternoon needed!

Dr. Virago said...

I just read this to Bullock complete with voices -- my normal one for you and my "stoned college dude" voice for the student. He was stoned, right? Because how else could he think that plan could work???

What Now? said...

Good heavens, what chutzpah! You gotta love wacky student tales.

Belle said...

Ah, students. If only we could record them live, and play it back when they are sober.

Another Damned Medievalist said...

no way. just ... amazing.