Friday, April 4, 2008

In Grading Jail

Do not pass "go"; do not collect $200...

By the way, when do we get those checks from Bushy? I could use an extra $600 right now...

I am under a mountain of present and impending grading: undergrad exams, undergrad thesis statements, gradute student precis and annotated biblios.

Oh my.

I should just bite the bullet and have a standing order at Papa John's. There's nothing for grading except pizza and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

What a Friday night, huh??


heu mihi said...

Oh man, you get to watch movies? You have pizza delivery??? Oh, I could go for a PIZZA! But there is no delivery in Field Town.

I'm grading too. 8:00 Friday night. Grading. What's disheartening about having 57 composition students (how I love to pull out that number) is that I'll slave and slave, get 12 done, and think--yay! Only...39 (or whatever) to go. Damn it.

Courage, ma fille! You can do it! Remember, you are not alone!

Belle said...

I should be grading, but my brain isn't functioning at that level. Of course, I have only 21 papers, but I do share your grief; just not your dedication.

HeoCwaeth said...

If you're still in there, ya wanna grade some eighth grade paragraphs for me?

They keep using those words. I do not think they mean what my students think they mean.