Friday, May 23, 2008

Can't we all just switch to the metric system or whatever?

I *hate* formatting stupid, f**cking articles to different formats....MHRA style my foot. Single quotations, blah, blah.....(*grumble, grumble*).....tedious.....


squadratomagico said...

Oh, God, I feel the same way. I have difficulty with what I see as random rules: who cares if this is a comma or a period??? Why should French titles have little capitalization, and English titles capitalize major words? And don't even get me started about citing series -- ugh! I suck at all that stuff, and it takes me FOR EVER. And it's incredibly tedious.

Night Magicks said...

Join the club.
Oh wait, I want to join yours.

Argh, Chicago, PPA, MPA, what ever it's typed, it's spaced..