Friday, June 12, 2009

Egg Update

Ooooo, this is a slippery chapter! It has often wriggled away from me and left me sitting lost and alone in front of the TV. Or lying on my back with a fun book next to me. Or surfing on the IKEA website. It's veeeeery sneaky.

But, I've done okay with this guy so far - the Egg Gnomes (for now, re-tasked Job Market Gnomes) have downgraded the chapter's status from "DEF(MEDWOM)CON-4 = Gaping Crevasse of Doom" to "DEF(MEDWOM)CON-2.5 = Smallish Pit of Periodic Despair with Pinpoint of Light at Far End."

My process with this chapter revision has been feast or famine - I worked the other day for 7 hours - the next day I did zilch (except lie around and moan). Over the past 3 days, I've written 3800 new words for this chapter - I'll cut some out, but it's definitely grown more than it's lost (of course, I could also be talking about my ass at this point)...

However, I discovered something fortuitous tonight. It snuck up on me like finding a ten dollar bill wedged into the couch cushions - I'd already done some revisions on this chapter last year! Wtf? How could I forget that? I have no memory of it, but it must have been me b/c the handwriting's the same. There's still more to do, but--damn--that was a nice find!

So, I have 6 days left on this chapter before my letter-bomb from Deadline Facist arrives in the mail (I must insert proof of revised chapter in order to disarm it and save my neighborhood from incineration). TD is in Dutchmanlandia until next Thursday, so I have all the opportunity in the world to get this sucker done! Then we go visit Medieval Pop for Father's Day.

In frivolous news, I splurged on an hour long massage today - it was soooooo great (Obviously...what massage sucks? That's like saying you had a good orgasm. "Paging Dr. Redundancy"...). But I felt very bourgeois...I will also start going to "gentle yoga" when we get back - I'm trying to find non-pharmaceutical outlets for relaxation - hopefully I can slowly wean myself off my meds by the fall!


Sisyphus said...

I like the pic!

I'm glad to hear that you are making progress, and please don't consider me evil when I say I'm also glad to hear somebody else whimpering in despair and finding getting revisions to work frustrating and hard. Heh. At least I'm not alone!

Enjoy your massages, and your breaks of websurfing and book-reading too! --- I always think we need to take breaks in order to continue to make progress.

And congrats on having a wonderful Evil Deadline Fascist to whip you into shape! It's all, "Feel the burn, baby! No pain, no gain!"

Contemporary Troubadour said...

Sending encouragement your way! And hooray for no longer being in a gaping crevasse.

Massages ... oh how I wish I weren't so ticklish. I go into those thinking I'm going to be deliciously blissed out afterward only to discover I've spent the entire time trying not to giggle uncontrollably. I suppose laughter also has its merits?

Hope you schedule an extra-luxurious spa session to celebrate your triumph over the egg :)