Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Still Here...

What's going on?

Nuttin'. Nada. Niente. Zilch.

Went to a family reunion this last weekend and had A FABULOUS TIME. Much more fun than I've ever had with my crazy extended family. There were around 40 of us and 6-7 of us ended up staying up WAY too late drinking and playing Shanghai Rummy. TD is now officially part of the family - he clicked very well with my multiple funny, redneck uncles.

There was kayaking, boiled crabs, margaritas, and 50s dancing. Medieval Family can party.

I will be traveling most of July, so blogging will be perhaps lighter than the average summertime blogging.


adjunct whore said...

man that sounds fun....have a wonderful july.

Earnest English said...

Shanghai Rummy? No way. I've never heard of anyone outside of my family and people I've taught playing Shanghai Rummy! (We may be related.) This may be the geekiest thing you've ever heard, but now I think we should play at MLA! Hopefully I'll have lots of interviews! And maybe wee bairn will want to get in on the action! Still, it's a thought!