Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not Thankful...but kinda...

I'm so incredibly sick. I'm morally certain I have a sinus infection. It was a horrible cold last week that went away a little bit over the weekend (fortunately, I could attend and give a reading at the last of our Amazing Wedding Season weddings - that's all five finished!) - but then it reared its ugly head again over the last few days that I've been in Dutchmanlandia. I no longer have health insurance in this country (although I do have dental through TD's plan - got my crown replaced yesterday) - so we're going to go to a walk-in clinic and just pay out of pocket unless they'll take my health insurance for some reason. All I need is some Amoxicillin - that will set me to rights. A nice week-long course of Amoxicillin.'s amazing how much I'd pay right now for some antibiotics - I fly home on Saturday and I can't fathom how much pain I'd be in if I had to fly feeling like I do right now.

So, I'm decidedly NOT thankful for feeling like hammered shit and for not getting ANY of the grading done that I'd planned this week (I've been sleeping a lot).

But, I'm thankful that we make enough money that I can go pay out of pocket for medical care and antibiotics if I absolutely have to - many people can't, and that's a sad fact. Opponents to Health Insurance reform can suck it.

More Fluff:

We will still have Thanksgiving dinner tonight - just the two of us. The menu is as follows:

1) Spiral-cut honey ham (I'm SO happy it's not turkey - I smell a tradition brewing)
2) Mashed potatoes (what else?)
3) Pan-sauteed brussel sprouts with caramelized shallots, bacon, and blue cheese (TD loves brussel sprouts, so I gave in rather than make the same green bean casserole).
4) Apple crumble pie
5) antibiotics and iced tea (for me), wine (for TD)

Tomorrow, we go to IKEA to get a Poang chair for TD.

Gobble, (*sniff!*), Gobble....


Thoroughly Educated said...

I'm so, so sorry you're feeling crappy! What a lousy way to spend a holiday. Hint from an experienced traveling sicky-poo: if you can't get antibiotics and need to get on a plane, can you get OTC codeine there? I always stock up on codeine tabs when I'm in Canada or the UK and keep them for such occasions.

Hope you feel better soon. Dinner sounds amazing, and I say that after having already eaten mine.

Belle said...

Oh that's just sad! The headaches! I've found that a cocktail of DaQuil and AlkaSe1tzer Plus for cold makes life a bit more bearable - at least in the short term.

Happy T-day!

Good Enough Woman said...

I hope you're feeling better now, MW!