Friday, May 7, 2010

Thing One and Thing Two Revealed!

Well, it seems we're following Rebel Lettriste even further into the rabbit hole because we're having two little boys!! It's very official and there can be no doubts - the proof is in the pudding, sonogram, whatever.

I'm SO overjoyed - they're 7 and 6 ounces respectively and are very active in there (top guy was lurking behind my belly button and dodging the camera...and then decided to sit on his brother's head) - I still haven't felt them that I know of, but they're certainly doing their thing. I've lost another half a pound, so I must keep eating more. But they're doing well and their hearts and heads look great.

So, I must now solicit bloggy pseudonyms for the two lads - of course, Castor and Pollux would be appropos - are there any other suggestions?

Keep thinking while I go drink some more milk and protein powder!


Belle said...

Oooh! Exciting news! Since I've had to give up ice cream, and you're losing weight, would you have DQ blizzards and lots of ice cream goodies for me? And of course, to get the boys on the right track calcium wise.

heu mihi said...

Let's see--Lancelot and Arthur would be pretty creepy, I guess. Hm. Somehow I'm drawing a blank. Ockham and Duns Scotus? No, that's kind of stupid.

And, oh yeah--congratulations!!

What Now? said...

Congrats -- it must be fabulous to have seen them ... well, not quite in the flesh, of course, but in a picture of the flesh, I guess!

squadratomagico said...

Wow. That seems so real all of a sudden, y'know? Congratulations!

For names, I vote William and Rufus. Or Charles and Magnus. Or Duns and Scotus.

Augie and Bede?
Clovis and Alfred?
Baldwin and Louis!

AH! Gawain and Greenie!

squadratomagico said...

Oooh! Name them after regions, like dukes or counts:

Orleans and Normandy!
Flanders and Ghent!
Rochester and York!

Dr. Virago said...

Exciting news!

As for names, if you were an Anglo-Saxonist, I'd suggest Wulf and Eadwacer.

How about Gawain and Gareth? Or perhaps their modern equivalents: Wayne and Garth? (Heh heh.)

Or Ywain and Gawain?

Havelok and Horn (both in Bodleian MS Laud Misc. 108)?

Balak and Balaam?

Ooh! How about Arcite and Palamon? Or is that too inauspicious?

No, wait, what's the name of that Middle English romance about two very close friends? It has eucharistic overtones. Why am I blanking on the name of the tale and its two main characters? argh! Somebody help me come up with it.

OK, I think I'm out of ideas, because now all I can think of are "Winner and Waster" and "Owl and Nightingale"!! Ha!

medieval woman said...

Dr. V. - you're thinking of Amis and Amiloun. And I actually kind of think Gawain and Gareth is cute. Sq, I also kind of like the notion of regions: how about Norfolk and Suffolk? (It's so "The Tudors")...considering how they're placed at the moment, that's not far off....

Belle, will do on the ice cream!

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Gawain and Bertilak (or Bercilak, depending on how you read that graph). Amis & Amiloun aren't so well-omened, IMO. Gareth and Gaheris are the "nice" Orkneys. Guy and Miles? (Bevis of Hampton's kids: actual twins, whom Josian delivers by herself in the forest: tough medieval woman!) Or borrow from the Pastons: John II and John III (probably confusing for those not up on the Pastons). Grim and Grettir.

C. Troubadour said...

Hee hee, the names suggested here are fabulous. I can't add anything more, but I'm looking forward to hearing what you pick.

Bardiac said...

Nicholas and Absalon?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Two boys = awesomeness. :)

Gilbert and Sullivan? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Not medieval but fun.

heu mihi said...

Hengst and Horsa!

(Or you could name one of them "gargrac," which is my WV. Sounds Anglo-Saxon, no?)

Good Enough Woman said...

I know Beowulf is a bit too obvious, but I like Wiglaf.

heu mihi said...

Hrothgar and Hygelac?

the rebel lettriste said...

I vote for Hengst and Horsa, or Arcite and Palamon.

And really, this is wonderful news!

Keep eating lots of protein. Meat, if you can tolerate it, and lotsa whole milk yogurt. Go team MW!