Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's in a name?

S'okay - after going over all the fabulous names you guys suggested (Winner and Waster! Rosencrantz and Guildenstern!), I've narrowed it down to the two sets of actual twins: Guy and Miles (from Bevis of Hampton), the original Castor and Pollux, and also something that I came up with in my eternal quest to resolve the great enmity 'twixed the Houses: York and Lancaster. But, I put it to TD and asked him to decide. He thought that York and Lancaster sounded like they'd be fighting all the time; ultimately, he likes Guy and Miles because he thinks the names are funny and they're also easier to type (as opposed to, say, Romulus and Remus).

Although you can't expect me to be delivering these guys on my own in the wilderness like Josian did, I like the fact that these twins get along, don't kill one another in a dispute, and have the same father. You can't say that about all medieval/classical twinage.

When they come out, they might be given different handles, but this will do for the next few months!

Thanks guys and have fun at K'zoo!


Anonymous said...

Most excellent choice. Love the new monikers. (And they could work IRL, too!)

Looking forward to hearing more about The Adventures of Guy and Miles. :)

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Oooh! You chose my names! Squee! Publicity for Bevis of Hampton! His sons will be household names!

Must go back to writing K'zoo paper. Stop checking blogs. But that was a great discovery on my writing break!

Anonymous said...


Dr. Virago said...

First of all, for the record, as soon as I turned off the computer after making the comment on the last post, I remembered Amis and Amiloun. But DEH was right -- also inauspicious.

And she was so right, she came up with the best names! Huzzah for Guy and Miles!

Btw, I've always liked the name Miles for a real-life name. I've named one of my many imaginary children Miles Joseph. (My imaginary children are legion -- I like coming up with names.)

As for Guy, though, I date two Guys (many other guys, but only two Guys), and one was a good Guy and the other is kind of a head case, so I think you have a 50/50 chance of a child named Guy turning out right! :)

OK, enough of my history with Guys.

Hooray for Guy and Miles of Medieval Woman bloggy fame!

Dr. Virago said...

Er, date*d* two Guys. Past tense. And not at the same time!

Earnest English said...

Okay, I missed the moment where everyone was giving eating advice and I'm sure you don't need it but I will pass along the one piece of advice that someone gave me: don't forget to eat fish or good-quality fish oil pills. Things 1 and 2 need their omega 3s. And so does mama!

WV is fortuni. I think that's good.