Sunday, July 4, 2010

Is it okay to do a fluff post again??

My life seems to be made up of bullet points and napping, so this is all I'm capable of at the moment.

So, here's goes:

1) TD is quitting smoking and it's REALLY HARD. On both of us. We're still trying to unpack and organize in a place we're realizing is a bit too small for our combined stuff plus sprog-stuff. He's having to take on a lot more of the shit I used to be able to help out with and it's wearing a bit on him - sometimes I just want to tell him to have a smoke, but then he'd have to start all over again. He doesn't resent me b/c he is having to do extra shit (like clean the catbox, move boxes around, etc.), but he gets easily annoyed at the situation.

2) I started reading a twins book yesterday that had me panicking about pre-term labor - it wasn't that "What to Expect" garbage, either. I hate those f*cking books because I start getting phantom twinges that I read too much into. I must say unabashedly that I'm no longer enjoying being pregnant. It's getting ponderous and I'm constantly sore. I would prefer to go into cryo-stasis until October and I have the gnomes working on that.

3) Speaking of which, I need to re-task the job market gnomes into tenure gnomes. Now that TD is here and I've been all bulbously lazy, the gnomes have become quite slovenly. They're getting fat, hanging with the wrong crowd, refusing to weed the back bed. Little fuckers...

4) Still have heard nothing from the publisher, but its very early and they're far away in England, so things take time. Trying not to think about it.

5) We're going to the beach tomorrow through Wednesday. I'm very happy about this - I can *just* still fit into my bathing suit (thank god lycra is streeeeeeeeetchy), so I'll still wear it and not buy a knocked up one. I look forward to the feeling of buoyancy greatly. I might just spend the whole time bobbing up and down in the surf. TD can tether me to the shore so I don't float out to sea. We will play cards and watch the Dutch soccer team in the FIFA semifinals.

6) Next week we also go to IKEA to get the aliens' furniture! I'm insanely excited to get that shit set up. It will start to feel real and it'll be a bit like the light at the end of the tunnel. I'll post pics when it's done if you like.

Okay, time for my nap...thanks for hanging in there with me!


Sisyphus said...

Alien furniture! It sounds so cute and funny! Of course I want to see pictures.

the rebel lettriste said...

I feel you! And really, those what to expect books are ridiculous. The best books are the ones actually for twins (Gromada's book is the sterling one, by my lights.) I aimed for going as fully to term as I could, which meant lots and lots of nutritious food and lots of rest. Beyond that, you can't do much, and the books are designed to scare the fuck outta you.

As for furniture etc., do you have a mothers of multiples group in your area? They have a garage sale every march and october, and also have a listserv with classified ads. It's possible to get a lot of baby crap from them, which is useful given that you'll need TWO of everything.

Also, as everybody told me, you don't need all the shit they foist on you, either. Car seats, a place for the babies to sleep, a lotta diapers, and some clothes, yes, and all else is superfluous. A changing table? Not necessary. Neither are two cribs, right out the gate, either.

the rebel lettriste said...

also, craigslist. I use it for everything baby related!

Terminal Degree said...

Hooray for TD for quitting! I can't imagine how hard that must be, but what a great thing for your babies (and for TD, too).

My husband is having to do extra stuff, too (lifting heavy objects, move furniture around in the baby's room, change the litter), and he hasn't been resentful, although he HATES the litter. He's not too fond of the cat, either, which makes it worse. :)

I'm SO ready to be done with pregnancy (although of course I want the baby to stay in there as long as he can). It's NOT easy, is it? I'm tired of being in pain every day. Two months left!

I need to get my gnomes back on task, too. Funny how the pregnancy thing can be so distracting! :)

Good Enough Woman said...

Just what kind of furniture do manatees need anyway? :)

Have fun being buoyant! There's nothing like taking the edge off of gravity when you're really preggers.

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Good luck to TD. I keep quitting and starting again. One cigarette is all it takes to get you going again, so also good for you for putting up with the inevitable mood swings and snappishness.

As for books, have you ever picked up the "Girlfriend's guide to pregnancy"? I have never sprogged, nor do I plan to, but I almost bought that book because it's so hilarious, especially about the less dignified parts of pregnancy.

squadratomagico said...

Yay! Glad everything is going so well!

C. Troubadour said...

Yay IKEA shopping! Pictures, please :). And hooray for that beach vacation -- sounds like just the thing to keep comfortable.

I've thought about that catbox issue, even though we're not quite where you are in manufacturing a manatee (or two). My husband is NOT keen on the daily scoop (my job) but will wash out the box on a weekly basis. Am hoping he'll deal with the extra requirements as graciously as TD is! He sounds like a trooper.

Earnest English said...

I didn't like the What to Expect books either. I liked the Girlfriends Guides books, because they're funny and that's really what you need once pregnancy loses its fun quotient, and the Dr. Sears Pregnancy and Baby books (huge tomes, but very good).

I'm sorry it's gotten unfun already, especially in the summer. (I hear you - I was due in October too living in sweltering Urban City -- blech.)

There are mom-to-mom sales that are cheap cheap cheap. And guess what? Second hand baby stores are the best. We buy shoes and videos and toys there, because it all gets crazy in no time flat. You can go crazy and buy everything new, but really it's ridiculously expensive. I would, however, recommend a breast pump. Totally made my life possible. Expensive so see if your friends will all go in on it for you (the best is the Pump n Style).

I didn't love buoyancy as much as I thought I would, because I thought somehow it would relieve my aching back, which it didn't. So I hope you have a better experience, Mw!

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