Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Checking in from the ether

I'm still alive! I still exist! And I still....don't have much to blog about or much time to do it!

Classes = over tomorrow - hallelujah!

Leaving on Thursday for 5 days in grad school city - will see JB while there, yay! It's all about the cheesecake...

End of term papers? Haven't even looked at them and I've already had one of the THREE sets for a week. I'll dutifully bring them with me on my trip, but something tells me they won't be done.

Finals = not written.

Laundry = half done

Cat box = scooped

Hair = highlighted (Oh, wait...I forgot my usual answer...."yes, I'm a *natural* blonde"...)

How are you all bloggers??


jb said...

Please accept my premature congratulations on your last day of classes. See you soon!

Profane said...

Count me among the jealous. My teaching does not end for another month!

Lydia said...

Your sem ends so early! Lucky, lucky, lucky.