Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random Bits O' Fluff

I don't have much to report hereabouts. Things are just cruising along nicely - I'm getting excited about the move and looking online WAY too much for complementing furniture (endtables, lamps, I need to buy a new dining room table and chairs...).

I did a microscopic amount of work yesterday (in that I opened the folder that my notes, articles, outlines are in) - but, delightfully (or maybe not considering my procrastinating ways), I found out yesterday that the article wouldn't be due until the end of January instead of the end of the summer. The collection has been pretty much accepted by the publishers, but the deadlines for contributors have been pushed way back. However, I've made a pact with my friend, who's editing the collection, to exchange article drafts by end of November early December. So, I'm desperately trying to resist seeing this as a license to veg!

I bought a new phone the other day because a new one was the same price as getting new rechargeable batteries for both handsets. Go figure.

What I really feel like doing is beginning to pack up my office, winter clothes, etc. Maybe I should just do this, huh? I finished both of my syllabi for the fall already, but other than that, my head just isn't on work!

We're going out to yummy sushi tonight with friends.

I pre-ordered my Harry Potter book to my new address, which pleased me greatly.

I have a slight headache....


Sisyphus said...

I say go for the packing and the tossing and the organizing! If you're having an urge to do it, get on a roll! (I always feel very unsettled and have urges to clean stuff out right after every quarter ends, so I just go with it. ---- then start work on the writing and reading in about a week after the joys of packing have worn off.)

Yay summer! Yay packing and moving into cute new house!

What Now? said...

When are you moving? Clearly by mid-July, given your Harry Potter news; is the object to be completely settled before fall semester begins in August? Sooo smart; when I started my job at St. Martyr's, our furniture arrived (late) the first day of classes -- insanity!

Camulod said...

Dear Medieval Woman,

I think it's great you found a nice place to stay in your DAC. Must be a good feeling! Seems like everything is working out quite all right. Shame of the little car accident. I had something like that myself a few weeks ago, only with the car of my neighbours girl friend. It's makes you feel very very guilty and miserable... Thank god F. could make it for me low cost. Wish you luck! WL.

medieval woman said...

Sis, the packing won out - you were right!

WN, We're moving mid-July and classes start the 20th of August - ugh!

Hey WL! See how handy F is?? I'll tell M about it! :) But it does make you feel kind of lousy...I'll be sure to send a "new address" email to ZWAM and the ladies of ZWAM (I still think we need t-shirts...).

P.S. M will be there July 2-8!