Sunday, October 5, 2008

I have figured it out!

How I'm going to grade over 300 exams this semester!

I'm 2/3 of the way through my longest set of first exams (62) and I'm using a new tactic. Each exam has 3 sections and, in the past, I've graded one section first on everyone's, and then the second, and so on. But when you're only halfway done with the first section, it can seem neverending. And then to run the entire way through 2 more times! So, I decided to break the exams into stacks of 20 and grade one stack a day completely for three days. And it's worked very well - I don't get as burnt out b/c the stacks are smaller. So, I'll finish the last 20 tomorrow and hand them back on Wednesday. Sweet.

All else is going extremely well - I had a "ladies lunch" on Thursday with a friend, LB, and a bunch of new women I'd not met; a couple of them in particular were fabulous - new friends! And then we went over to LB's house for brunch on Saturday with some other folks and it was equally fabulous. Tomorrow night we're having another couple over for dinner. I don't mean to sound like an annoying prig, but things here socially are so wonderful. And everyone gets along with everyone else - it's lovely not to live a compartmentalized life as we have before.

I didn't post anything about the Veep Debate earlier, but the one thing that cracked me up the most was when people said that Palin exceeded expectations and Biden met expectations. That's because no one expected her to do anything but stand glaze-eyed and drooling at the camera! So, she spoke in complete sentences about 40% of the time. They were the same sentences, though, over and over!

I cannot watch CNN anymore...

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Good Enough Woman said...

So true about Palin. The other day I was listening to the mockingbird in my backyard (its quite noisy), and I thought of Palin. And Tina Fey nails it.