Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Fluffage

1) TD and I went to Williams Sonoma today to buy a panini press (yum!) and I decided that we needed a couple of other things, like a new wooden spoon (we only have ginormous serving spoons - we just need a stirring spoon and they're all up in Dutchmanlandia because our lives are spread across 2 households in 2 countries...). But, any-hoodle, I pick up a $7 wooden spoon and GET A SPLINTER! Off a schmancy Williams Sonoma spoon! Bastardo-spoonmakers...

2) I have to prep for interviews now and I don't wanna. And I have to by a new sweater to wear under my suit jacket b/c junky, mutant moths attacked my other marino wool numbers.

3) We are making pork schnitzel with sauteed arugula tonight.

4) Went to my department holiday party last night and it was lovely - I like my colleagues. I want to stay.

5) I have to start working on my book again.

6) Right now.

7) I mean it this time.

8) Really....

9) Nap first......

1 comment:

Morgan said...

An interview! Yay!