Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Semester Status

One set of exams and grades done; one more to go. This is "Blitzkrieg" grading at its best...

As for the Blogger Meet-Up, we're still on for the evening of the 29th at 6-ish at the first place I emailed you about! If you need confirmation or more info, knock off a quick emailto me and I'll give you the skinny. I'll send a quick email before Xmas just to make sure we're all at the same bar.

(*dips toe into grading pool*)

Water is still tepid...

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Earnest English said...

About blogger meet-up: waaaaaa. Because of I'm bringing Absurdist Baby to MLA, I'm planning on leaving in the afternoon of the 29th and won't be able to meet up! WAAAAA.

About grading: waaaaaaaaa.