Sunday, November 4, 2007

Le Freak: C'est Chic??


Party last night was delightful - started around 7:30 went until about midnight, which is just fine by me (although I still sometimes have that party standard in my head that says things should start at 10 and end at 3...).

I leave for a conference (at which I am thankfully NOT presenting) on Thursday night and I need to get some stuff together for that.

I have, oh, about 85 job applications to skim before next Monday for our First Vetting.

I completely forgot to pay my rent this month and my landlord finally called today to see if I was okay and not sick or dead. I felt like such a schmuck. It looks like I'm actually going to have to write down on my calendar that I need to pay rent on the first of the month - if it isn't written down, it doesn't exist for me.

Article, article, article...


Belle said...

Yes, but did you have a great weekend with the Dutchman?

medieval woman said...

oh yes! it was splendid! he left this afternoon and I miss him already - will see each other again in a little over 2 weeks!