Monday, November 26, 2007

Reasons to be Happy

1) I am now back at Chez Bloggez Moi - no harrowing experiences on the ride home - just safe and sound. Travel joy.

2) I don't think these furballs can get any healthier. Seriously, I came home and they both ran to me and jumped into my arms. Perfectly fuzzy, chubby, etc. They have their winter coats now, so their fur is even more fluffy. Furball joy.

3) My senior colleague/awesome mentor has read my article draft and said that it was good and my writing is elegant! She's got a lot of suggestions for clarification, places to flesh out or pursue an argument, etc. But I'm so happy she thought the draft had good bones. It makes me feel like I *can* really write an article from scratch and have it be cogent and interesting. Research joy.

4) I taped all 12 of the episodes of my favorite decorating show during a marathon on Saturday. I can't get this show where I live, so I have my fix when I'm at TD's place. But the marathon was on, so I taped all of them. Decorating joy.

5) I only have 3 days of actual teaching left for one class and 4 of another. After that, I give exams. Teaching joy.

6) This Thursday, TD comes out for his jobtalk at Awesome Neighboring U - I will post something separately on this later in the week! But suffice it to say that the excitement and tension has reached "DEFMEDWOMCON 5: Holy Shit, We Might Actually Pull This Off!" Husband Joy.

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Belle said...

And let's not forget Word Count joy! Glad your hols were great.