Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think I'm on to sumthin'...

Can't stop my blogging magic! 2 in 1 day!!!

I had lunch with my colleague today to discuss my book project and she was so enthusiastic about the (slightly) new direction I want to take. (Actually, I'm already well on my way in this direction...) After I asked all of you what you thought in this post, I was not sure about whether to jettison LCPY or not. I'm now certain that my book on gender and CPX is a solid, compelling project - it's also (as I've realized over the past couple of days) the book I really want to write. However, I am still going to address the implications that my project has for LCPY in a kick-booty epilogue! Best of both worlds.

This means I have a little bit more research and new writing to do - I've already identified texts that I'm going to move into to bloster my core chapters even more. I also have to peel off one of my diss chapters that I thought could be included, but it's really more about LCPY and so I will pursue this as an article (or incorporate parts into the epilogue?).

But I'm so charged and excited - everything's blooming around here (it's in the low 70s) and so is my inspiration about my book.

By the way, I call this "my book" or "my project" so much in professional circles that it's getting tedious. Therefore, for blog purposes, I've decided to call it something else: The Egg.


Hilaire said...

I'm so happy to hear this!!! You sound so good!! I can't wait to read your Egg, my dear!!!

Thoroughly Educated said...

We're waiting for the scratch, scratch, scratch
of that tiny little fellow,
Waiting for the Egg to hatch,
on this not-quite-spring-yet morning in this
medieval book incubator...!

OK, I'll stop.

Susan said...

Glad you've figured out how to handle CPX and LCPY. . . and it sounds like it really works for you. I think one of those great times is when you suddenly see the shape of the project (or in this case, The Egg). It really does give a burst of energy!