Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quick Fashion Question - Need Immediate Feedback

Conference Wear - how do we feel?

I'll be attending a small, seemingly very chill conference. I.e., not MLA, Medieval Academy, etc. I don't want to bring my suit jacket and I also don't want to wear it. So, how about the nice sweater and slacks option? It'll be cashmere...or a shirt with a nice scarf? Or both?

I just don't want to have to bring the usual fare...



Sisyphus said...

I usually wear a nice dress shirt and slacks, or possibly a nice dressy sweater, at my field conference, which is small and full of people who look like wanna-be Manhattan indie hipsters. So I say that's totally ok, but I go to conferences that are much less suit-oriented.

Someone told me that the scarf is the feminine equivalent of the tie, so that is always a good option.

Thoroughly Educated said...

I think sweater is fine. If you bring both, you can make a final call based on temperature and what others are wearing.

Belle said...

I agree. But then, understand, comfort is all impt for me. I figure they're only going to see me from bust up, so as long as I look professional there, I can get by with slacks, comfortable shoes, etc.

Bon voyage!

Morganlf said...

Sweater and slacks is more than appropriate! You'll look great.


Susan said...

I have a bunch of jackets that I can wear with a sweater or silk tee and slacks or a skirt, depending. So it's not formal formal, but the jacket provides some polish, (and warmth, which you may or may not need) and color contrast, etc.