Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tales from a very snowy Spring Break

I remember the year I went to Cancun for Spring Break with all my sorority sisters back in '93 (yeah, I was in a sorority - I'm not ashamed to admit it. We had the highest GPAs on campus). Anyway, it was a fun-filled drinking binge with lots of beach time and dancin' the night away. I was responsible and did not hook up with any of the drug-addled, slimy boys who were also occupying the narrow strip of land. It was just a warm, sun-filled, fun week.

Did I say warm and sun-filled? Here's where I wake up from my reverie and look out at the drifts of snow piled up high behind Chez Dutchman. It's damn cold and narsty here. Tonight we leave to drive to my conference where it will also be cold and narsty but slightly more lively. What have I been doing with myself these past few days?

Well, I graded all the undergrad exams I brought with me, tweaked my paper a bit more and timed it (19 minutes on the nose), and wrote a recommendation for a former student. After I run a couple of errands and pack up my conference gear, I will attempt to write comments and grade a few grad student presentations (I'm shamefully behind on them) and read the sonnets I'm teaching on Tuesday.

On a happier note, TD bought me these boots to help assuage the pain of frostbite...who said my affections can't be purchased with shoes?

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Earnest English said...

I tagged you for a meme!

I know I haven't been commenting much on your blog (I didn't want to rub my news in your face when that stupid idiotic university is keeping you and The Dutchman from being together and starting your own family), but I think that that university is totally screwed up and unethical -- and of course unprofessional.