Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random Bits of Fluff - Spring Break Edition

I leave for Chez Dutchman tomorrow and I have many things to do before then. Here's my life in no particular order:

1) Finished the conference paper I'm giving next weekend. Why am I not worried about this paper? Why am I so chill about it? It's not an *awesome* paper - in fact, it's the inaugural run of my "methodology" chapter of my book. I.e., I intend to stand up and say (slightly paraphrased):
"Here's how I'm re-reading (to an extent) this pertinent historical phenom. and here are 2 literary examples of what I mean. Do you buy it?"
And then they will say "yay" or "nay" I assume. But I'm not worried about it! I usually worry a lot! Perhaps I'm getting my academic sea-legs? Perhaps I have confidence in my project? Nah.....

2) I will be going from where it is warmish and sunny to the middle of the Arctic Circle.

3) I will bring exams with me to grade - so far they're disheartening. I'm not sure these kids are taking in anything I'm saying.

4) TD will be here at the end of next month for 4 months - and maybe more if he can take his sabbatical in the fall! I would love that b/c for me, the fall is the hardest time of the job market and if we are both going out, it would be great to spend the fall commiserating in person rather than on the phone.

5) I just ordered a pizza from Domino's online and they have a Pizza Tracker. My pizza is now in the "prep" stage. Weird and slightly cool.

6) I have to clean, do laundry, pack, get cat litter, pack all my conference, grading and teaching stuff (so I can plan classes during next week - what else am I going to do in the snow??).

7) My pizza is now in the "bake" stage!!!


Hilaire said...

That's amazing that the Dutchman will be there for 4 months!! Hurrah!

I also think it is fabulous that you are not nervous about your paper - I think this *does* signal increased confidence in yourself - that's great!

Sisyphus said...

Heee! I just love the pizza panopticon. Does it have a little button that lights up when the kids making it stand around smoking cigs instead of working?

Good luck with everything!