Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And So it Begins...

Well, as of today, I'm officially in a commuter marriage. And it kinda sucks.

I've heard from TD at the airport in between the two legs of his flight and he had a very weird encounter with a guy at a bar.

He and the guy start chatting and the guy says that he's married, lives in Dallas with a wife and two kids. And, supposedly he'd just missed his flight because he was talking up some cute girl in the bar who just left. And then the guy tells TD that he's also dating a stripper who's getting insurance money from her wrecked Mercedes to buy her and her friend boob jobs. And then the guy asks TD what he does and after telling him our situation the guy says two things:

1) "You gotta be careful about temptation - but not too careful, heh heh..."

2) "I coulda been an academic - the thing that was the most appealing to me would be teaching all of those hot undergrad chicks."

Now, TD was very upset and scandalized by this because he's pure and good and has never been touched by sleaziness. I, of course, said straight out: "The guy was lying, babe - he's just a loser stuck in an airport trying to make his life sound better (at least to his mind) than it is..."

TD said, "It never even occured to me that he would be lying..."

And this is why I love him and have absolutely no worries about anything while we're apart...


jb said...

TD is a lovely person. Okay, I don't know him very well, but he just exudes loveliness, and your post only confirms it!

My condolences on the start of your commuter marriage, though. Sad!

Dr. Virago said...

Condolences on the commuter marriage, but at least it's with someone so obviously good and true. Yay!

And I have to share (perhaps over-share) that when Bullock and I were stranded at the airport for an extra two hours in the middle of the night this weeken, and he said he wouldn't mind finding the airport bar, I said, "Ooh, can we pretend you're a lonely business dude and I'm an opportunistic chick willing to let you hit on me so you can buy me drinks?" Te-hee!

medieval woman said...

Hee, hee - Dr. V, that's totally something we would do too! ;)