Thursday, July 5, 2007


Sweet god.

I just rammed my forehead into the very pointy metal corner of the exhaust hood over my stove. I was leaning over to look into a pot and then - WHAM! - I wound up sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor cradling my noggin' and cursing like a sailor.

It still hurts like a bitch and I have a tiny dent in my forehead right at the hairline.

sniffle, sniffle....


Tiruncula said...

Ouch!! I'm always afraid I'm going to do that. When I design my dream kitchen, it's going to have a hood that a) has rounded edges and b) is at least 5' 6 1/2" off the ground - recommended heights above stovetop be damned.

jb said...

When I ate and worked in a co-op kitchen in college, we kept (for some reason!) a whole bunch of cast-iron pots hanging at exactly forehead-height above the main work table. When I almost knocked myself out one night, I took matters into my own hands: thenceforth, pots went on the shelves and the lids (which had been living on the shelves) went on those infernal hooks.

Head injuries hurt so bad, don't they?

squadratomagico said...

Better yet, Tiruncula, Don't have a hood. They're always right in your face, or on your head.

In my kitchen, we have a powerful fan set into the wall behind the stove. The opening for it is covered by a lovely cast-iron grate we got at an architectural salvage store. No problem with the fact that it's vertical, and not horizontally over the stove: it works just fine. We also have a light above the stove, installed like any other light. Voila! No need for an ugly hood, and your headroom is clear.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Like T, I'm always worrying that I'm going to do that.

Wanna hear a similar story? I was looking for a particular frozen dinner (ah, gastronomic luxuries) in the freezer in the supermarket, and it was way in the back, and I couldn't reach without momentum. So I kind of balanced one foot on the little rail at the bottom of the door, and swung myself up to get that extra reach.

And SLAMMED my head into the pointy edge of the hinge of the door.

Not only did it hurt (a LOT), but I had to pretend it didn't so I didn't look like an idiot!

Seriously, I think about doing that, I have flashbacks to the taste in my mouth that the pain made.

Anyway, poor you!!