Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Pictures

Sisyphus was wondering what our little alien spacecraft/grill looks like - here are a couple of pictures!

(the aliens had already disembarked before we fired it up...)

AND, because the hits just keep on coming, here is a picture of our new furniture delivered this morning:

Whaddya think? I still need to get a living room rug to "tie the whole room together" (to quote Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski) - I'm thinking of a natural fiber woven rug - maybe sisal. And my mom's bringing out some pictures in early August one of which will be hung over the couch.

Sorry not much more of substance - got the new HP book today but still need to finish re-reading the previous one. We're going to go wash our filthy car!


jb said...

Nice! Very nice! That couch looks great. I look forward to having a couch one day!

Hilaire said...

Yes, all lovely! I love the grill. I love the chair! Well done!

Sisyphus said...

Oh, it's so _cute_ and alien! Now I want one.

And yes, I think a rug would really tie the room together --- but don't nail a board to the floor in front of the entrance!

What Now? said...

I love the red couch! Our beloved couch is purple plush, which was a radical departure from The Way We Do Things in my family, and I have adored it from the moment it arrived.

Morganlf said...

Where did you get that couch?? It's so cute!

medieval woman said...

Hey Morgan, got it at a place called Haverty's ( - glad you like it!