Friday, September 7, 2007

Here's the Skinny

I clearly need to get into my blogging groove again! I feel like I've been falling down on the job! Buuuuut, I'm teaching four days a week this semester (due to a last minute change that had me sacrificing one of my T/Th classes for a M/W one). I'm still teaching only 2 courses, so I'm in the classrom a grand total of 75 minutes a day, but I forgot how tiring this schedule can be (because I'm a cream puff. I don't work in a mine 8 hours a day! Why am I complaining?). At any rate, it's psychically taxing to have it drawn out in little bits over the week. Friday there are always meetings, etc. going on. I haven't been sleeping well with TD gone - it always takes me about 4 days to get back into my solo sleep rhythm.

But, here's what's on my mind at the moment: rectifying this perverse "living apart" thing. It's looking like this year will be make or break. All the planets and attendant satellites are aligning; my oracles are emailing me constantly. Even the Lucky Leprechauns I flew in especially for this purpose are working overtime to make things happen.

I've spoken to my dept. chair about the job openings in nearby universities for TD - there is a "regional component" to the spousal hiring policy (and I use the term loosely!) in this state university system. We've made spousal hires for folks who've gotten t-t jobs at neighboring unis. Happiness will ensue if this could be reciprocal. But, every spousal case is different and brings its own unique challenges. In TD's case, they're already doing hires (which is good) so we wouldn't be asking them to create a position out of thin air. But, how to approach this? How do you nudge lovingly and not have it be taken as an obnoxious, unwelcome poke in the ribs by the other school? dept. chair didn't know, so it was tossed up to the Dean to see what he thought. He didn't know exactly how to broach the subject either, but decided to call the Provost right away (!). The Provost said he would be delighted to talk to the Provosts at Neighboring Uni. 1 & 2 - can we forward him TD's CV and the job ads? Holy crap - sure thing! As it turns out, the Provost and Dean are completely pleased to help with the whole thing - and the Dean is even speaking to the other Dean of TD's field about maybe a position here.

Now, my uni would be a bit of a challenge for TD to fit into. He does theoretical models of cattle-herding, whereas this dept. would be more the practical, applied side of cattle-herding; the care and feeding of the cattle you intend to herd; strategies for making money with the cattle you herd, etc. It might be hard for him to find good cattle, I mean, colleagues to talk to here and this is important for his work. But, ya know - as many cow patties as we can get on the fire, the better, huh? Bad continuation of that analogy, I know...

So, all this Bodes Well. My leprechaun-team and job market gnomes are happy to have Deans and Provosts on board. Many hands make light work, they tell me.

In other related, highly ironic news, TD's Univ. (where I taught last year), is hiring in my exact field. Um, let's work on our timing, folks! Buuut, I feel that I should apply for this job. Because once it's filled, it ain't coming around again for a long time and then that window will be closed for us. I've known about this for a while and I've been debating about whether to blog about it. But I can't keep much from you bloglets - except, MY INDENTITY! - and it's pretty easy to wheedle that out of me by emailing me. I must say, however, that all things being equal, my personal and geographical predilections mean that I'd like to stay here and have TD get a job nearby. But, we want to be together and get our future in forward motion (which includes a house and a Medieval Baby at some point soon). TD declares that this is priority #1, so it's pretty much "together anywhere that will hire us both".

So, is it now clear why this is looking to be a *magical* year? When in Zeus's name will our mutual job markets ever again align themselves "just so"? And then I think - oh shit - what if even with all this cosmic, administrative, and magical creature help we still fail to procure employment together? Back to the drawing board? What drawing board??? Argh.

Nope, nope. I'm pulling a Scarlett O'Hara. Not gonna think about that. Something tells me that all this isn't chance, we haven't ended up in this position (career-wise, a good one) that has opened up a number of opportunities all for naught.

But just in case, I'm getting a unicorn.


squadratomagico said...

Wow! Things look good! And it sounds as if you have a lot of folks pulling for you in your new university, which is great.

But, that support notwithstanding, you definitely should apply to Dutchman Uni, too. First of all, it's best to pursue all possible options. And second, if you do get an offer, you may be able to use that as a bargaining chip on behalf of the Dutchman at your own, preferred location.

I wish you the same amazing luck SweetCliffie and I had, which began in much the same way! We're proof that it does happen sometimes!

medieval woman said...

Sq, that's right! I totally forgot that this is a familiar situation for you! Thanks for your good mojo - I am definitely applying for the job at DU - like you said, we want to pursue all avenues!

heu mihi said...

Good luck good luck! I'm willing to bet that it'll work out one way or another--and probably with TD moving to MWU. At least, my special psychic senses tell me so.

Sisyphus said...

Whoo-hoo! Go go go lucky leprechauns!

(PS unicorns are in shortage right now and I may need one for the job market more. So if it goes missing, you'll know who has it.)

And who says that the only kind of "real work" is coal mining? We get worn down (in different ways) too! Cream puffs of the world unite!

Belle said...

Hoo-RAH! Excellent advice from all! Heu mihi is right; if the job at DU comes through, use it to leverage TD into your area! With the Dean and Provost pulling for you, you might win the lottery! Oh. Wait. What do cattle do re: lotteries?

Live long and prosper?

What Now? said...

Goodness -- you all will be on tenterhooks this year as all of these options play out. Best of luck!

Thoroughly Educated said...

How marvellous to have such a responsive dean and provost! And, of course, to be clear that being together is the no. 1 priority.

(And thank you for your incredibly sweet comment yesterday!)

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Wonderful news -- while it's not a firm job offer, it seems like you've lucked into more options than most people in your situation, and it sounds like you're going to try to make the most of them. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

My story didn't end as well: the convenient-to-BF-job just showed up *this* year, a year after we'd broken up and he moved on. I saw the post, gave a sigh, and closed the page.