Monday, September 17, 2007


God, I'm busy. But I'm also strangely not busy. Does this make sense? It reminds me of a line from my Favorite Movie of All Time: Cleopatra. When Liz Taylor a.k.a. the Queen of the Nile says to Marc Antony,
"There are never enough hours in the days of a queen, but her nights have too many."

This is exactly how I feel (that and the fact that I happen to be wearing my gold lame pantsuit at the moment). I need to schedule a billion meetings and lunches, etc. but there aren't enough hours to do it. However, at home in the evenings, it seems like I have tons of time and nothing to fill it up. Now, there's always stuff to fill it up, like writing that book I've been meaning to get to before tenure time! But...well, you know what I mean. I will not allow this post to become another moan about long-distance marriages. So, to break that pattern, I'll give you the rest of my busy unbusiness in the tried and true bullet format! Here goes...

- I have finally found the perfect setting for Toaster Strudels. Level 4 on our toaster with the defrost option. Alert the media.

- I finished what I consider to be a damn good draft of my grant proposal yesterday. I'll give it to a colleague on Wednesday.

- I bought new sheets and a gigantic bag of sour gummy worms the other day.

- In keeping with this new theme of eating poorly while the Dutchman is away, the other night I made stuffing for dinner. No chicken, no veggies, just stuffing. My thighs still haven't forgiven me for this...

- I leave to go visit TD on Thursday afternoon - joy!

- After that, it will be a month before we see each other again.

- I have been surreptitiously looking for houses for us to buy in the area. Then I remember that whole saying about the cart before the horse...d'oh!

- I need to find a way to blog about work and the department without blogging too much or innappropriately!

That's about all the news that's fit to print! Hope all is well with ya'll!


heu mihi said...

Sorry about the l-d thing! I won't be seeing TB for another month, either, and it sure sucks. Yes, it does. But it's true that your evenings are amazingly free when there's no one around. Much as I prefer the company of my honey, I do appreciate having lots of time to chillax in the la-z-boy eating cookies and milk in my pajamas. Sure, I guess that I could do that when he's around, but it wouldn't be the same.

Sisyphus said...

Aha! Clearly I need to be wearing more gold lame and crazy eyeshadow. I am a queen, I tell you .... queen!

Good luck hanging in there with the long distance thing. At least you'll have the perfect Toaster Strudel.

(If it makes you feel any better, it's better to be in a long-distance than to have your boyfriend break up with you and move far away. That help? Didn't think so.)