Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This is from Hilaire!

Four first names of crushes:
1. Jim, second grade. Held my hand at our school's Halloween carnival. Sigh.
2. Darin, first love, first time, first everything. He ended up marrying a bank teller from Jersey...
3. Blake. Obnoxious name, no? Long hair, sensitive, early 90s, college.
4. David, grad school soccer player...what ever happened to that guy?

Four pieces of clothing I wish I still owned (or that still fit):
1. My cutest Old Navy jeans that are now way too small (sigh!) - they were the most comfy things on the planet. I still own them and I'm still hopeful...
2. My black shiny, PVC pants - very Catwoman!
3. Along the same lines, my thigh high black "fuck me" boots. I went through a dominatrix phase in college.
4. (riffing off Squadratomagico) My old prom dress, which was a white brocade sheath with off the shoulder tiny sleeves and a ginormous white satin bow in the front. Ca. 1990...

Four names I’ve been called at one point or another (in chronological order):
1. Throughout my childhood: the "love bug" or "pickle" depending on which of my parents was talking to me.
2. Lil' Rebel (sorority nickname. Yes, I was in a sorority!)
3. Bandito (to heighten the obscurity, this rhymes with a certain version of my last name)
4. Bunny

Four professions I secretly want to try:
1. Pastry chef
2. Kept woman
3. Cruise director
4. Astronaut

Four musicians I’d go on a date with:
1. Sting, hands down.
2. Michael McDonald (of the Doobie Brothers!)
3. Mozart
4. Madonna

Four foods I’d rather throw than eat:
1. Lime-green jello with nuts suspended in it
2. Pickled beets (yuck!)
3. Celery (anti-christ)
4. Any food, no matter how delicious, if the target was Dick Cheney (I'll have to stick with Sq. on this one!)

Four things I like to sniff:
1. Unleaded gasoline (am I the only one who thinks this smells good?)
2. The Furballs
3. Really good wine
4. TD's cologne

I tag anyone and everyone!


Hilaire said...

No way! A dominatrix phase in college? Eenteresting...

squadratomagico said...

This is quite a revelatory meme! First we earn that Hilaire has been called "Fucksy," then that you had black pvc pants and dominatrix boots!