Sunday, September 2, 2007

Life is so good

Went to Denny's this morning for a late breakfast. Yum.

TD went to the library to get some work done and I just woke up from a nap (pathetic, I know). Now I'm watching one of my all-time favorite movies: The Natural. I still get gooosebumps when the main character knocks the cover off the ball. And at the end when he hits the lights and they throw sparks down onto the field. True bliss (that and the fact that I'd watch Robert Redford do anything, including fold laundry) At the party last night, we got to talking about American sports. I've always liked going to baseball games (rather than watching them on TV). There's just something about keeping score, drinking a flat beer and eating a hotdog on a sunny day. But my favorite truly American sport has always been (American) football. I grew up in a big football state and I can remember the sound of my father sitting in the den and watching one football game on TV and listening to another one on the radio. It always seemed like the epitome of fall to me: the weather was getting a little crisp, the college bands would play, the leaves were changing. Very fun.

So, I'm a happy Medieval Woman - tonight TD and I are indulging in a dinner of appetizers: cajun crab dip, taquitos, and baby egg rolls. TD says (jokingly) that I eat like a four-year-old: Coke Zero and Fruit Loops in the morning.

Okay - back to the movie!


What Now? said...

One year the American history and lit program that I ran decided to show "All the President's Men" as part of our film series. A friend in the program sighed dreamily that she'd watch Robert Redford do anything, even reading the phone book. When I watched the film again (which I hadn't seen since my high school journalism class), I laughed in realization that "All the President's Men" essentially IS a film of Redford's reading the phone book.

heu mihi (formerly jb) said...

It's funny--I vividly recall the sound of my father watching football off in the living room, too, but for me it's a dull and dreary memory, signifying Sunday and the homework I hadn't done yet. (Also I don't think that my dad actually liked football very much, and perhaps that communicated itself to me? I'm not sure why he was watching it at all....)

Notorious Ph.D. said...

TD says (jokingly) that I eat like a four-year-old: Coke Zero and Fruit Loops in the morning.

I have long maintained (like, since I was 20) that one of the best things about being a grown-up is getting to eat whatever you want for breakfast. Go for it!