Monday, December 17, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ho, Dammit.

The elves have been working overtime at Medieval Woman HQ. Before I could turn around twice this afternoon we had a clean house and a Wee Christmas Shrubbery (see picture below) all decked out in jingle bells and Star Wars ornaments (we got the very last Sandperson ornament from Hallmark - a very big deal for TD and me; a.k.a. The Geek Brigade).

Dutchman arrives at 9:30 pm and tomorrow we flee to the mountains for 3 days - no work, no blogging; just the sins of Sloth and Gluttony (and maybe a few others, but I ain't tellin'!)

TD and I will have 3 1/2 weeks of unfettered togetherness - we've rolled with this latest punch (well, it was more of a sucker-slap) and we're still thinking positively.

So, light blogging ahead but Happy Holidays to everyone and I wish you all a "Bon MLA" - kick ass, take names, no prisoners.


Belle said...

Have great holidays, and enjoy your togetherness.

heu mihi said...

Have fun!

Hilaire said...

What a great tree! So cute.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time together. Escaping.

Morganlf said...

Is that the Stargate box set on your shelf? Why do I know what that looks like? ahhhhhh.

medieval woman said...

Morgan - that's actually the Alien Quadrilogy! :)