Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Okay, I lied....

...the DVD player is just fine.

So, I've finished grading one set of exams - just one more to go and if I stay up late tonight, I can finish them (I am an exam speed grader).

I need new slippers.

It was 78 degrees today and my body doesn't know what to do with that.

I'm eating Thai tonight for the second time this week.

TD comes in 6 days and stays for a long time.



Flavia said...

I've been wondering what's going on with Neighboring U and TD!

Well. . . will keep fingers crossed until you next pop up in Bloglines.

squadratomagico said...

Oh, God, my heart goes out to you, MW. There could be a million reasons why they haven't called, but waiting is the hardest thing in the world at times like this.

Breathe. Cuddle the furchildren. Drink, if necessary.

Belle said...

They're not calling because it's the holidays, and they can't get the whole committee together at once to make the final decision. It's either weather, departing flights, grading finals or general lack of give-a-shit (gas).

Oh. And they haven't a clue this might be important in your life. Tis the way of committees, no?

medieval woman said...

Sq. says: "drink!" - why didn't I think of that?? Seriously, sometimes I get stressed and I forget that there's beer and/or wine in the fridge to be consumed if need be. I'm weird...and I'm going for the Kronenbourg stashed in the icebox.

BUT, Awesome Neighboring U supposedly has a meeting "this week" to decide on the search cmte's recommendation - which means tomorrow, right? Do depts. have meetings on Thursday or Friday? Certainly not next week, huh?? Too close to the holidays.

Rationalize, rationalize...

Sisyphus said...

Good luck! My fingers are still crossed.

When are the grades due at Neighboring U? This could make a thurs or fri meeting date necessary.