Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vicarious Recipe Blogging

Oh, Bloglets! Such a good party - and that's exactly what I needed - a little hair of the dog that bit me (read: bloody marys and left over birthday cake)! You guys are welcome at my new place anytime!

So, because I'm totally hungover from last night - the thought of anything but Wendy's today leaves me clammy. BUT, Hilaire has quite sweetly allowed me to recipe blog vicariously through her - check out her Awesome Mushroom Risotto. I'm going to try to find truffle oil one day - they use it on the food network a lot!

I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend grading and planning class for next week!

Friday, March 30, 2007

The New Digs

I've been planning to move to a new and "less immediately searchable" site for a while. Taking a page out of Flavia's (f.k.a. La Lecturess) book, I'm making the change to commemorate my recently celebrated first blogiversary, my new job starting soon, Springtime, flowers blooming, birds get the picture.

Today, funnily enough, is also the day that the Dutchman was born as well as the Furballs (who are true brother and sister)! The Furballs are 9 and the Dutchman is...slightly older (see above picture for two of the birthday kids - the Dutchman is holding Furball #2 - note the extremely pleased look on F #2's face...)

As for the new title of my blog - I will FedEx a Twinkie to anyone who knows which text it came from (there's a slightly longer hint at the bottom of the blog). Hilaire, I know Furball #1 whispered it in your ear already, but I will bring you a twinkie when we come to visit!