Sunday, April 27, 2008

Moths, the Home Stretch, and Domestic Bliss

Okay - I've been off-blog for a week now and I'm feeling a tad disconnected from the blogosphere. But my life can be measured out in coffee spoons at the moment, so it will be a random bullet posting at the moment.

1) We have moths. Mutant moths who have attacked my beautiful new shawl (3 small-ish holes). I now have to take it and a few other pieces to Mr. Locke, my alterations whiz, and he will try to repair them. I basically just want the holes kept from unraveling. Because the pattern is so complex, it's virtually impossible to see the holes. I just want them not to get bigger. So, I have gone on a moth-hunting binge and I've taken every wool and cashmere garment I own and put them in air-tight plastic bags, each with their own block of cedar. With the shawl and my cashmere scarf (also a victim), I've put them in the freezer first to kill any of the little f*ckers that might still be on them. This is what Mr. Locke says I should do. The sad thing is that 3 of my wool sweaters that I wore on the job market (they're fine merino wool shells) are now ruined because moths have been nibbling for several years it appears. Blech!

2) I did something highly drastic to my hair, but I love it! I have gone from my old blonde highlights (which I've had since 1992) and I'm now the color "chocolate truffle" with "caramel" highlights. TD had never seen me before as a brunette (which is the hand Mother Nature actually dealt me), but he's very pleased, which is an added bonus.

3) Last class is this Tuesday, then I give an exam. I've got to grade 37 papers by Thursday. Joy.

4) TD is here for the duration and we're DEEP into nesting mode. He's currently making a pasta salad for a BBQ we're attending today. I forgot how awesome it is to see him without getting depressed on Sunday right before he leaves.

5) I got back some suggested revisions to The Article That Would Not Die But Finally Did Die the other day. They were very minor - MHRA format needs to be adhered to a bit more and I use too many passives. Also, I need to push the conclusion a bit further and maybe look at another couple of articles, but that's all she wrote!

6) In anticipation of another year out on the market (TD and I will both go out this year, but we're really hoping something works out here for him!), I've decided to peel off one more article from the Dissertation that Preceded the Egg. So, I'm calling this article, Spawn of Egg. It's not a part of the Egg anymore, but it's still interesting. I'm going to spend a couple of weeks buffing up Spawn of Egg and get that in the pipeline for this year's market. Then I'll spend the rest of the summer and the next year on the Egg proper.

7) Sadly I won't be at K'zoo this year, but I hope all my fellow medievalists have a good time! However, I'll make a pre-emptive call to anyone who's going to the NCS conference in July! I know Dr. V will be there - anyone else??


squadratomagico said...

The worst thing about moths is: they have excellent taste. They unerringly find my most expensive wool garments and eat them. I try to be very vigilant with the naphthalene.

Oh! And congratulations on your domestic bliss!

heu mihi said...

Not blond? My whole image of you will have to undergo dramatic revision! You carried that blond very well, I must say.

Enjoy the nesting and good luck with the moths....

Sisyphus said...

Moths? Eew! And you've had them for a long time and not known about it? Double ew! I would go through my closet, except I think all the holes and tears in my clothes are cat-related.

New hair?!?!?1 I wanna see, I wanna see! Where are the pictures?

And just one clarification: You have the dissertation, the Egg, and Spawn of Egg, which was in the dissertation but is not in the Egg? So how much overlap is there between the two projects? And how much overlap is there with stuff you have sent out to publish? (they tell me not to send out "too much" and I am still pondering what that means.)

Alison said...

Let me know if you want me to look at spawn of egg? egg spawn? egg sandwich?

Thoroughly Educated said...

Re: hair - wow! It sounds fabulous, but what a mental adjustment!

So sad you won't be at the Zoo this year.

Spawn of Egg is sounding a lot like something from Alien(s). But also like a good idea. I'm thinking about some eggspawn of my own.

Belle said...

Glad TD is contributing to domestic arrangements; how nice that will be!

It must be bug time; see Hilaire's ordeal!

Hilaire said...

Ugh - moths, horrible! I'm sorry you're having to deal with that...sorry they're eating your lovely things...

I am very intrigued by the hair!! You'll have to send a picture...

Happy domestic bliss!