Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jobs I've Had

Okay - this is just for fun - as begun by Belle (although this list isn't near as long or varied as Belle's!):

I am 33 and I'm not counting the teaching jobs I've had throughout and post grad school (which equal 6 different institutions).

- Waitress at a retirement center restaurant (became an ace at avoiding "handsy" old guys)
- Worked at a local video store
- Adult literacy tutor
- Bartender at a sport's bar (I am still a licensed bartender - I hold a degree in "Mixology")
- Bartender at an upscale strip club (I was fully clothed - tuxedo shirt, bow tie, cummerbund, and bright red nails!)
- Waitress/Bartender at an off-track betting place (got a $300 tip once)
- Bartender at a Harley bar
- Receptionist at a real estate office (a.k.a. the 7th circle of Hell)


Tag everyone - you're it!


Belle said...

So, how many more careers until you choose one? Do ever get that question? I had it for so many years. Now, everybody is somewhat astonished that I've had the same job and lived in the same town (well, 4 different places in one town) for so long. It's just so not me to stick around.

Why did you choose academia?

Lau said...
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Lau said...

Oh, I was a receptionist two summers running at a mortgage company that catered to lower income clients. The first summer I was there for three months and had been there longer than all but two or three loan officers by the end of the summer. I also had a client make me cry over the phone.

Good exercise - I'm feeling much less sensitive to student evals now!