Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oddities and Fluff

1) Yesterday in one of my classes (my favorite - these kids rock) one of my students had accidentally left her phone on and got a text message from a friend. These guys are pretty great, so I don't sweat it if a random phone goes off once every couple of weeks (like I said, they're cool - they really do turn their phones off!). I ignored the "beep" as she looked contrite and mouthed the word "sorry!" - as I turned to write something on the board, I heard an audible yelp come from the back of the classroom. Everyone stopped and looked at the student who was looking at her phone. She announced, "The stock market just plunged 670 points. They say it's still dropping." It was silent for a couple of beats and I just said, "Well, I hope you guys like this class, because it looks like I'll never be retiring."

2) Every time I sit down in front of the tube with a really good piece of coconut cream pie (which we have here at Medieval Woman HQ), a stupid Weight Watchers commercial comes on.

3) With all of the crazy financial stuff going on right now, the credit limit on my one credit card has actually increased $2000. WTF?

4) I am in grading jail from now until Christmas. I have so many blue books in my office, I could build a fort.

5) I have mailed off my first job application.


Good Enough Woman said...

For me, instead of coconut pie, it's port and chocolote--nightly. Love your blog. Have added it my favs. Found the "annoying smart guy" clip on your spot. Fantastic.

medieval woman said...

Thanks for coming by, GEW! I love me some port as well - it's been a while since I've had any...

Belle said...

Oh, good pie. How I miss good pie. Lucky you; have a piece for me, and ignore the WW commercials in my stead.