Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MLA Blogger Meet-Up - Almost There!


So, from what I'm hearing, the 29th is looking good for all who've responded - I'm not meaning to be Medieval "Quick on the Draw" Woman, but I know how quickly conference schedules fill up! So, let's say a little more firmly than tentatively that December 29th will be the meet-up.

Here's what's next:

1) What time? Options are:
a) early evening (5-ish?) snack/appetizer/drinks
b) dinner
c) after dinner drinks/snacks/appetizers/dessert (or, in my Hobbity case, a second full dinner)
d) breakfast
**I would prefer the evening just because TD and I will be sightseeing a lot that day. But that's just me - majority rules!

2) Where? I don't have a desire one way or the other. We're staying at the Fairmont, but we can do one of the other hotels (but will they be jam-packed?). If someone knows a local, easy to get to restaurant, let me know! Any preferences? We could choose the bar at one of the alternate hotels (i.e., not the Hilton or the Marriott), which won't be as crowded...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see everyone! Anyway, keep passing the word to anyone else and I'll wait to hear more from folks...


Flavia said...

It doesn't really matter to me, though I'll say that last year--when the meetup was at the main hotel bar--worked well; it was a huge, open space, so people could come early or late, mingle at will, etc.

That bar also had substantial, pub-food-type meals, which was nice since some people, like me, had gone to late panels and hadn't eaten, but others already had (and/or didn't want to shell out for something expensive and/or worry about cheque splitting).

So, I'm agnostic as to specific location, but my feeling is that whatever allows us the most flexibility is probably best, since we may grow to be rather large; in those circumstances, a sit-down thing might be too much of a headache (for you as the organizer and for the restaurant)--and not as fully social and fluid as it could be.

(And thanks for taking the initiative on this, MW! Looking forward to seeing you agin.)

Flavia said...

P.S. Because I'm paranoid (and bossy!) and shit: best to arrange actual details--location, etc.--via email, not in a public location like a blog.

Sisyphus said...

:( My schedule is completely open.

An early dinner/drinks in one of the hotels the night of the 29th would be good, because then I can go up to my dept. party for a bit, and then come back down and complain about how lame the dept. party was.

Send out the emails! Prepare the drinks! Put out the call for silly hats! (hell, why _not_ silly hats?)

Horace said...

Please count me in, and count me as in favor of emails, but otherwise completely flexible. Looking forward to meeting up!

medieval woman said...

An excellent point about keeping the final location under the wrap of email - to keep our secret identities secret!

I'll send out an email to everyone who's responded so far and if anyone else chimes in, I'll send it to them later!

theswain said...

I don't know yet that I'm going to MLA, but if I do, I'd like to meet up with you all.

Belle said...

Dang, I almost wish I were an MLA type! SFO! Cool. I used to spend time there, and can only suggest that you move off the hill to party, as it's gonna be hellishly expensive Up There.

Maude said...

please include me, dear maude, in the blogger meet up. i'm slow on the draw these days. i was at the one with flavia last year and i, too, think it was a good idea. of course, i'm totally behind on this, so please let me know.

the rebel lettriste said...

please include me too!