Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More from the incubator...

We're getting this! We can do this. Things are getting better and my anxiety was slightly less today than it was yesterday. Does this mean that hormones are working their way through my system? Surely it does.

We took some fun pics today:

May I present Sir Guy -

And Sir Miles -

How jaunty are they? Do they pricketh throughout the countryside looking for damsels to rescue??

Other tidbits:

1) My mother leaves tomorrow and je suis desolee! This hasn't happened before. She comes back in a week and a half for 11 days - JOY! Who am I?? And she's moving here in a few months. Thank God!! Who knew?

2) Went to the Dr. Canadienne today to discuss meds and it was a good conversation - even better? They did a weight check - I HAVE LOST 40 POUNDS SINCE 2 DAYS BEFORE I DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) I am now taking a natural organic iron supplement to help my anemia rather than the caustic guerilla pills they prescribed for me (Dr. C said I could) - those killed my gut and these are easy on it. I am now out of the range where they suggest transfusion!! (I'm an 8 - normal is 12-16) I'm inhaling spinach, watermelon, and red meat.

4) Periodically, one of the boys will let loose a single, blood-curdling, ear-piercing scream. We call it their primal scream therapy.


heu mihi said...

Oh! They are so lovely! I love them! I'm so happy for you both!!

And it sounds like you're feeling much better--yay! Of course, that was bound to happen.

Anonymous said...

They are so very BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on everything (and 40 pounds!)

Hope you are all feeling well and getting a little sleep...

Susan said...

They are so cute, though usually you have to be awake to rescue damsels!

And yay for the organic iron, and Medieval Mom, and being 40 pounds lighter!

This Ro(a)mantic Life said...

Yay! The boys are *adorable*!!

And 40 pounds, goodness. You must feel like you're about to float off the earth. (I'd totally need to reacquaint myself with gravity if I dropped the equivalent of a bag of water softener pellets in a week.) The human body is amazing!

Bardiac said...

Welcome, fair knights!

Glad to hear things are going well.

Sisyphus said...


I hope you manage to get some sleep!

ntbw said...

Oh, I do love me some baby boys! How totally adorable. Congratulations!

And I'm so glad to hear you're doing well. Isn't post-delivery weight loss the most stunning thing? Wait for what happens during the nursing as well, if you go that route. I ate, and ate, and ate and still lost weight at a massively rapid clip while nursing my baby boys (and I had them one at a time!).

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Awww!! Baby love. They are precious boys. So sweet and tiny!

Yeah - my relationship with my mother changed forever once I had a kid. We'd always had an uneasy, confrontational relationship. But after my first son was born, we were much closer. Kudos to you that she's moving to be near you. My mom is 2000+ miles away, and I sure would like it if she were closer to help out (and provide a free babysitter!!).

Congrats on all the progress! Yeah for 40 pounds!!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

And most of all, I'm so glad that *you* are well, and getting weller.

Good Enough Woman said...

I'm tempted to call them Arthur and Gawain! Adorable little medieval lads!

I did better taking my iron in the evenings--doing so made me much less barfy.

Also, regarding the previous post, people talk a lot about baby blues, but they don't talk much about anxiety. I definitely had some anxiety. Seems normal, I think. AND, it fades.

Yay for these little babies that you love so much!

Belle said...

Tres cute! And so tiny! I'm all for sleeping babies; may they continue to bring you this joy, and your life be free of damsels in distress for at least...14? 16? 18 years?

What Now? said...

Yay for babies in little blue and green outfits! And what big news about your mom -- what a change from a year ago, when your family was all at long distance. Yay!