Monday, October 8, 2007


Devil-Kitty says...The following people are put on notice!

1) Students (Why do you continue to suck? I can excuse one or even two times, but multiple instances of seemingly deliberate suckage? This constitutes a trend that will need to be put down by force).

2) University Poobahs (Why do you schedule so many meetings for every little thing and then insist that I come? I trust you to make your own decisions - no need to involve me in everything!)

3) Furballs (Stop with the hairballs! Every damn afternoon I walk in the door...)

4) Mother Nature (Why is it still so damn hot here? Set your alarm, it's mid-October already...)

5) The Man Driving the Escalade Who Flipped Me Off (Yeah, fuck you too, pal. Bite me)

6) My Hair (I'm not even going to go there....)

On a day like this, there's no other remedy but to flee campus, go home, drink a beer, and listen to Sade...

P.S. I killed a baby mosquito today and then I felt bad. How messed up is that?


squadratomagico said...

I think it's sweet that you felt badly about killing the baby mosquito! You still get the bad karma, though. Maybe you can somehow transfer it to the Escalade guy, though, who clearly is going to be reborn in a bad state. Maybe as a mosquito.

The only insects I kill with impunity are the little moths that nest in, and destroy, wool garments. It would be okay with me if they destroyed some crappy old stuff, but the buggers tend to have excellent taste, and always choose my most expensive wool garments. They once made a hole in my very favorite black jacket, and I've never forgiven them as a species.

Belle said...

Squadratomagico is right: insects with taste can be eliminated with impunity (except for cosmic considerations). The drivers abound; they are sent to make us strong and provide us with proof that we are superior (we don't flip them off nearly as often as we could). As to the rest... with ya.