Thursday, October 25, 2007

R.B.O.F. - Random Bits of Fluff

1) Okay - Julian kind of rocked today. I take all the credit, of course. I did seriously revamp my years' old notes and it seems to have put the spark of life into that stale, old lecture. Can we keep the momentum going?? Hmmmmm....

2) I'm endeavoring to eat healthier because.....because....because I need to lose weight! OKAY. There. I've said it...trauma..... Anyway, my doc and I are working together on it. I'm so ashamed of my eating habits - and I have to keep track of them so that she can advise me better nutritionally. So, I'll write something down and then qualify it to the hilt. It looks something like this:

Day One:
12 Coke Zeros (but they're sugar-free, and that's good, right?)
Salad with blue cheese dressing (but it's *homemade* blue cheese dressing! No preservatives! And I only use a dollop....a big dollop, but only one dollop...)
Bag of popcorn (late night munchies - does it count after midnight? Am I like a Mogwai* in this respect??)

*and we all know that "with Mogwai, comes great responsibility."


3) I'm on a search committee this year and I need to start reading the applications before we get 90 of them and I can't ever read them all before the First Vetting. I am excited about seeing what other applications look like, which will leave me feeling either pretty darn good about where I fit in last year or in the fetal position under the conference room table thanking the gods that I actually, barely managed to get a job...

4) I just freaked out on a phone solicitor. I'm not proud of this because I know they're all highschool and college kids trying to earn beer money. But I hate it when you pick up (my caller ID works only sporadically and TD's number shows up with the same tag as the sales calls) and you say "Hello??" five times while the automatic dialing thing relays the call to the human. And then you hear people talking in the background and finally you hear the person saying, "Um, is this...uh...Midweevil Oman?" GRRRRR! So, this time the human was apparently talking to his pals in the background and wasn't expecting his quarry to pick up and not immediately hang up the phone in disgust. I actually heard someone say, "Dude, so, what're we doin' tonight???"

Then I snapped and screamed into the phone - "If you're going to call and annoy someone, at least answer the goddam phone right away, JEEZUS!" (*slam!*) Of course, this impotent bit of raging will have no effect whatsoever on how many of these things I get. I need to get on that "Do Not Call List" thingy...


Belle said...

Uhhh, you actually answer the phone? Wow. And then you wait for the automatic dialer to connect you? You have the patience of a saint.

I'm so bad about answering the phone that when I do (and then, only my cell) my friends are astonished. The only reason I have a land line is for my security system. My message says 'this number no longer accepts calls; you have my cell/office number, try that.' And yet... yes indeedy, I still get messages from machines and real people who don't listen to messages. Ah, the technological life.

squadratomagico said...

Mid-weevil Oman? hee-hee~ ~snort!~

Seriously, though, I occasionally have snapped at those people, too. Actually, yesterday I had an even more frustrating experience. A friend asked us to listen to a sales pitch for some kitchen knives, noting that the student doing it would get paid some amount whether or not we purchased anything. So, the kid comes over and starts chatting (1/2 hour), then moves into the pitch (1 hour, 10 minutes; and we had to cut him short! Or he would have gone on to the matching server set!), then takes his time washing everything up (another 15 minutes). We didn't buy anything, and the kid was a terrible salesman. We're vegetarian, and he insisted on telling us all about the meat knives because "they also can be used for pineapple!"

That's nearly two hours of my life I'll never get back!

Another Damned Medievalist said...

Ummmm I'm vetoing that much Coke Zero if it has Aspartame. Unhealthy!!!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Okay, Midweevil Oman -- stern mini-lecture coming, so brace yourself (or skip, if you prefer):

Eating healthy does not mean eating nothing. Or eating mostly processed foods (although I'm a fan of diet soda and microwaved popcorn myself). Seriously: you could be setting yourself up for bingeing, which is no good for anyone. I know: I struggled with being overweight for the first 30 years of my life, and am familiar with the physical and psychological toll that dieting can take.

One thing that you might consider, as winter approaches: soup. Not for every meal, but it's a nice thing that you can make a bunch of ahead of time and heat up quickly, so you'll have no excuse to reach for the bag of Doritos because you just can't be bothered to cook. Get some nice, soup recipes that don't depend on massive amounts of butter, cream, or cheese (I can recommend a great cookbook for this, if you'd like). Go ahead & freeze half of what you make for later. Have a nice bowl for dinner with a moderate portion of crusty bread and a small salad. Enjoy a not-too-ungodly dessert. (Don't deprive yourself!)


(Seriously: good luck with this. I'm right behind you, all the way.)