Monday, August 11, 2008

Back In Black...

Sorry for the unannounced blogging hiatus - I just spent 5 days with Medieval Mom (and Belle, mea culpa for not getting in touch to meet up - it turned out that my mom took off a week from work so that we could spend EVERY MINUTE together! Ugh.)

Overall - it was good - MM and I didn't fight even once! For us, this is a big deal - I feel like we've turned a corner. What I did do on my visit turned out to be akin to indentured servitude. We cleaned out MM's attic, several buffets and a hutch, closets, and a couple of chests. The whole time dodging fiddleback spiders - good times. We're giving away SO MUCH stuff to Habitat, but we also got to go through all my baby/kid things and pick out which ones I want to keep for our future-sprogs.

The rest of the week was spent eating food I can't get here and watching movies (Lilies of the Field, Amadeus, A Room with a View, Jurassic Park, etc.)

More interesting blogging when it happens!

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Hilaire said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear things went so well! That's very inspiring!