Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Bits of "Wait, When the F*ck Does School Start"??

Okay - I'm only going to get back on the blogging horse with a bit o' fluff edition. So here goes:

1) We have a new stove - my landlords replaced the one that was older than me and now we can bake things! The old one would leave the bottom of anything you put in it raw and then cremate the top. I have made several casseroles and a lemon bundt cake.

2) The article is....going. Sometimes it's going well, sometimes it's just going. But I've broken through the barrier, I think.

3) Now that wee Shawn Johnson has won a gold, I can stop watching the Olympics (a.k.a. the great time and brain suck that I've been addicted to). I very much like little ShawnJohn - she is - bar none - the cutest little leprechaun gymnast I've ever seen. I want to wrap her up in a bow and keep her on hand to do tumbling runs every time I feel a bit down.

4) Dear Friend has officially moved to Dream Academy City and I'm sooooooo happy to have her and her partner close by. We realized that she now lives 5 minutes away and offices literally a stone's throw away - this is closer than she ever was even when we were in grad school! Back then, she lived about an hour away in next giant metropolis from grad school city. Joy to be so close!!

5) TD left yesterday for a 3-week trip to Temporary Dutchmanlandia and Real Dutchmanlandia (and another European country thrown in for kicks). I don't sleep well when he's not around - every little creak or sound makes me prick my ears up. It'll wear off soon, but it still sucks not to have him here.

6) Starting next week, my schedule becomes ridiculously full. In September, it becomes even worse.

7) I realized today that I teach next week - holy cats! These are both classes I've taught before and the syllabi were made up and copied a month ago. But, I have out what I'm going to say that first week. I foresee many many great student tales this semester!

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What Now? said...

Wait a minute -- you had your syllabi copied ONE MONTH before classes started?! That's amazing.