Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Molehill behind me....Gaping Crevasse still to come

[*post written to the dulcet tones of "We Are the World" on Sky.fm 80s*]

First off, the molehill (it seemed bigger before I crossed it): my book manuscript, for better or worse, is completely drafted (still need to write the conclusion and bits of the intro, but you get it - it's completely egg-shaped - the beef is there, folks).

I've kept the first deadline that Writing Guru/Deadline Facist set for me and I'm damn proud of that. And I think this latest chapter is pretty good (ask me tomorrow when I read over it).

Now, to the Gaping Crevasse of Doom that sits before me like a nasty troll calling me a punk-bitch and telling me to bring it on...

[*why do I hate the sound of Bob Dylan's voice?? The MAN CAN'T SING!!!*]

...I have to begin revision of the two earlier chapters. The first one is the one I fear, the one that keeps me up at night longer than my Ambien should allow. Even when the Job Market Gnomes sing lullabies and give me warm milk.

But, to the chapter. It's the one in the book that doesn't quite fit as well as it should - everyone has this, right? Right??? Thought so. I've done some conceptual work on it (talking at TD over a beer - he stared blankly and nodded - he's such a good piece of sounding cardboard...). I think I can work it in pretty well - even highly interestingly. But it will take work, big work, hard work. And I'm afraid of what I'll find on the other side.

At least it's written, though! I can work with written...I've given myself 2 full weeks on this next chapter - no traveling, nothin' - just work.

But Egg is drafted! Yay!


dorothyk98 said...

As someone currently dealing with her own molehill and crevasses... revision is a bitch. Good luck. It may be a crevasse, but you might find cool treasure in there.
-the general

Phul Devi said...

Yay for you! Congratulations! Happy dancing! Woo-hoo!

As for the outlier chapter: yes, I think every ms. does have them. They're part of the journey, though, before your reader arrives somewhere. And that's important. Take some deep, calming breaths and it'll be fine. Really.

(My word is "flogyraf." I like it.)

Sisyphus said...

You have an egg full of beef? Hee!

I've forgotten if this is pre-or post book contract? (I keep asking people to see how much they revise stuff before sending out proposals, as I'm about to head into that step soon.)

Say hi to the job gnomes for me! Have them sprinkle lucky dust for us both!

Flavia said...

Hooray! That's great news.

And yes, I have an outlier, too, and it's my former first, now second chapter--it was cannibalized for stuff in my new first chapter, but it was always weak.

And I don't know about you, but for me I think the fact that it's chapters 1 & 2 that are rougher/weaker is stressful. . . I feel that, psychologically, it would make a difference if my MS currently started strong rather than building strong.

But you ARE the world and you ARE the one who makes a brighter day. So let's start revising!

medieval woman said...

Thanx for the high-fives, guys! And Sis, this is definitely pre-contract, but I met with a publisher at a recent conference who wants to see the entire MS when it's done, so I won't need to send them another prospectus and query letter. However, in answer to your question, a friend of mine suggested that it was a good idea to begin sending out query letters and proposals (and a sample chapter or two if they ask for it in their guidelines) roughly a month or month and a half before the entire MS will be ready to send to readers. That way, you can say that it will be completed soon and if they want it, you can send it to them before they forget, publish something else similar, etc. I met with this publisher way early b/c I had the opportunity and sort of went for it, but otherwise I would be sending letters out in August for a MS that will be done in September.

Good Enough Woman said...

That's great MW! I'm very impressed that you've met the Fascist's deadlines. Way to go!

Susan said...

Congratulations on the draft! It's very exciting. I think most projects have slightly outlier chapters and you have to either make it fit, or change the focus so it's not a complete outlier. That is, sometimes the solution is hte revision of the outlier chapter, sometimes it's the rest of the chapters. I have to keep asking myself "Why does this chapter have to be here?", and ultimately I get it in shape.

Fifi Bluestocking said...

Yay, MW! You rock! And I am very envious of your egg's draftedness.

Belle said...

Well, I suppose beyond the cheering and molehill-flattening dancing in the fields, it's good to know that the new fascist-dictator system worked.

Wanna take on my projects for me?