Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pre-K'zoo Checklist

A List of Things to Do Before K'zoo**

1. Paint toenails sassy blue - check!

2. Figure out driving route - check!

3. Pack clothing and pertinent papers...

4. Set up dinner with dear friends tomorrow night - check!

5. Write intro blurbs for presenters on your panel - almost check.

6. Figure out where the hell you're staying - check!

7. Practice "credit card wrist-flick" technique to avoid possible muscle pain after buying tons of books at the book exhibit. (Tangential comment: doesn't the book exhibit at K'zoo seem a bit like a feeding frenzy? The 25-40% conference discount acts like chum in the water. After diving in, I eventually find myself crouched dazedly against the wall, one shoe missing, and wondering why I elbowed that little old man in the lip to purchase a book on 12th-century Cistercian monasteries...)

8. Fill up car with gas - check!

See you guys at the blogger meet-up and hopefully around the conference as well!

**Internal rhyme and iambic pentameter in this title was totally deliberate!


squadratomagico said...

Travel safely and have a wonderful time! I expect a full report when you return, pronto!

Ny word verification today is "cpufufog," yay!

medieval woman said...

Thanks - will report back soon!

"cpufufog" sounds vaguely Lovecraftian, eh?

Sisyphus said...

What is it with you medievalists and painted toenails? "Age of Perfection" just did that too.

Have fun being medieval! (or whatever the proper term is)rb

Anonymous said...

I'm terribly envious. I'll hopefully make it out there one of these days.

In the meantime, I want to hear everything...

Take care,

(long time lurker, easter.livejournal.com)

History Geek said...

Drat I knew there was something I wanted to do last night.

Paint my toe nails!