Friday, December 21, 2007

Random Bits of Fluff - Christmas Edition

I have a post coming on teaching writing, but I haven't the stamina for it at the moment. Here's what's what....

1) Mountain Escape was wonderful - we ate awesome food (risotto with gorgonzola and radicchio!) and shopped 'til we dropped (literally: I stumbled several times under the weight of my bags).

2) Sappy bullet point: TD and I love being together. It's so lovely to be walking along and turn and see him walking there, too. And now for the really sappy moment: I was reminded often this past few days of that Journey song that goes:
"Being apart ain't easy on this love affair.
Two strangers learn to fall in love again.
I get the joy of rediscovering you...
Oh [TD], you stand by me.
I'm forever yours...faithfully!"

You should fill in the soulful guitar at the appropriate moments.

3) We must go out for another shopping excursion today, then it will all be done. Ho, Ho, Ho.

4) I need to finish writing this damned article! I've got one last section to add in (I found some helpful articles that will provide a good counterpoint to my argument. But I have to write that tidbit up and pop it in there. And then write a conclusion.

5) When TD is here, he cleans out the catbox for me.

6) I did not get the summer grant I applied for, but I need to write up 2-3 more little grant apps within the next few weeks.

7) And I need to write up my first graduate syllabus. Whee!

8) But now I need to eat breakfast. At noon.


Sisyphus said...

Ooh, graduate course? How does that feel --- weird? exciting? terrifying? competitive? Tell us all!

PS if that Journey song stays stuck in my head I'm coming after you.

Belle said...

Sheesh. I seem to follow Sis around and agree with her. I'm doing an out-of-field and out-of-interest class next term, and am wondering how little effort I can get away with. I mean, c'mon. I research interwar Europe and teach everything from Ancient Egypt to Modern Europe; now I have to do US too?????