Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Wrinkle....

I am so down.

We heard today from Awesome Neighboring U that they are holding off on making any junior hires until after their national meeting in January (their version of the MLA or AHA). They have made 2 more senior offers (the mass exodus this department had a couple of years ago was all senior faculty at the Associate level or above), so it's understandable that they really need to hire at that level first and foremost. When TD visited, he was the first junior candidate they had out and they already had made 4 senior offers, two of which did not look likely. It's very possible that they got one or more rejections from those senior offers and are in a bit of a panic - in their co-authoring, collaborative world they can't recruit juniors and re-build the program without having senior people already there!

So, the ANU Chair said that they expect to make junior offers in mid- to late January and said that, "You [TD] will obviously be among the finalists for offers along with other people we may invite to campus after the January meetings," and that he "will reiterate that we continue to be strongly interested in you [TD]."

What say you, blogfriends? Does this still sound like it might work?? This particular department will not be doing as well on the junior market this year as in previous years for a number of reasons that everyone on the market is aware of. This, obscurely, has to do with the reason for the mass exodus in the first place. Last year, they had no one accept their offers: junior or senior. Things won't be better for them this year unless they can get some senior hires on board.

So, I have been inexplicably crying off and on all day, not realizing how much I'd truly thought that this was going to work out soon.

And I miss TD more than ever and he can't get out here any earlier than Monday.

Can someone tell me a funny story? Or a dirty limrick? The only thing I can't handle hearing right now is "I told you so" and anything about chickens, hatching, and premature counting...


Belle said...

Yes, it'll still work, They're being reasonable from their point of view and obviously still very interested. Yes, it's a PITA for you two, but it can still work.

Your reaction is also perfectly understandable. You'd hoped for a holiday happy, and instead you get more waiting with no certainty in sight. Hang on, live for the moment, and enjoy your time together.

I'm trying to come up with a limerick, but all I've got is:

There once was a woman medieval
Who wanted to end her domestic upheaval
She said WTF
And got in her truck
Went for a husband retrieval.

Pathetic. If the thought counts, you've got it.

squadratomagico said...


I'm so sorry they're being asinine about this. Since I have little contact with sciency fields, I really don't have any insight into what is going on, but I do believe that they wouldn't tell him he was still under consideration if he really was not. Perhaps he could contact the jolly French senior person and ask...? Not sure of the protocol, but perhaps.

Still sending mojo...

medieval woman said...

Oh, belle, that's the best limerick ever! Thanks for that. And Sq, thanks for the hugs - TD has contacted the Chair and stated that he is still interested and hopes to hear from them at some point in the New Year. In the meantime, Slightly More Distant Neighboring Uni. has asked TD to interview for their position, so he's trying to work out a time to go and see them. TD will not be at the national conference, but will be hereabouts for the holidays, so he's hoping he can go to their turf and meet for an hour or so.

I had an out-of-body experience this evening where I realized that in most of this country, career and marriage aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. I thought about just how bizarre all this must look to a banker or a real estate agent.

At this point, I'm just bone-tired. And I've only been commuting for one semester - I can't imagine how academic couples - some of whom I know personally - do this for years.

Sisyphus said...

Ah, sending best wishes your way! This could all still work out, don't worry.

Sadly, when I had roommates one was a folklorist and I stayed up one night reading all through her big book of dirty limericks, but I can't remember any for you now!

Here, go read some Calvin and Hobbes strips --- the Transmogrifier will cheer you up. (my favorite is the Calvin is a wrathful god one)

Earnest English said...


I'm so sorry. This is screwed up. Of course this may well turn out very happy anyway, but the waiting -- oh the interminable waiting!

There's only one thing to do: eat Haagen Dasz (oh Ben and Jerry's if you must) straight out of the pint and watch movies where every once in a while you feel empowered to yell at the screen. All this is out of your hands, so all you get to do is curse them. Curse them good.

Angry music that you can scream at the top of your lungs is also good here.

Hilaire said...

Oh dear, MW - I'm so sorry. That's so disappointing. I agree that it doesn't need to look bad, at all. But waiting sure sucks. It sounds like they probably fought about this, with some people wanting to offer the position right now and some not wanting to until after the convention. Ack. I'm so sorry you have to bear the brunt of this strife.

Many, many hugs to you.

Flavia said...

Oh, MW. I'm so sorry. But like everyone else, I have high hopes (and fingers and other appendages crossed!).

As for funny dirty stories. . . how about this one from my friend Evey: we were deploring those students (you know: THOSE STUDENTS) who wear t-shirts with inappropriate sayings on them and seem oblivious as to *how* inappropriate, and frankly lame, they are. She said that when she was in grad school she taught this kid who walked into her class one day wearing a shirt that said, "I eat p*ssy"--and the image was of a smiley face with a cat tail hanging out.

As she commented, ". . . and just based upon the fact of his wearing that shirt, I wanted to say to him, 'You, sir, are no p*ssy-eater!'"

I guess it's funnier when she tells it.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

A scientist I shall call Herman
Had a lab full of small furry vermin.
He bit off their heads,
The wife took some meds,
And they both wound up teaching in German.

I think grading is making me punchy. Hang in. Good luck. All shall be well.

heu mihi said...

It'll be okay. This could be one of those on-high decisions, like, You can't make this offer until you've demonstrated that you've considered other candidates, etc.

And January isn't so far away! My bet is that a big part of your disappointment is the deferral of a decision. I would be feeling exactly the same way. But from here, your odds still look good. Good cheer to you! The semester is over! Drink and sleep and drink some more!

Addy N. said...

Oh dear- just try to stay optimistic and remember that this isn't your only option- just the first! When I am down, I like to visit this site.... Hang in there! Sending hugs.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

I'm sorry things aren't resolved yet! But I'm sure it's just a delay in making decisions, not a bad sign (I'm sure that if it were a rejection they'd let you know that for certain!). Courage!

What Now? said...

Rats -- waiting longer totally sucks! And it's especially disappointing when you were hoping for an entirely celebratory Christmas. But I do think it sounds like the chair was sending TD all the positive messages he could without coming out and saying, "Please don't take any other jobs until you hear from us!" So I think the news could still be very good indeed, and it's just the interim period that needs to be gotten through. Hugs and warm thoughts to you both.

Earnest English said...

here's something to take your mind of the ridiculousness of the academy: a meme! You've been tagged on my blog:

Dr. Virago said...

Oh MW, that's so frustrating! Hugs all around. And I agree with all the previous posters who say it could still work out and that the department wouldn't say they're still interested if they weren't. Fingers crossed!!!

In the meantime, watch this YouTube video to cheer yourself up:

medieval woman said...

Thank you all for the limericks and the You Tubes! And for the support. It's the waiting that's the worst, you're right. Sigh - at least for now the incessant scheming is stopped - I think TD and I have hit our quota.

Meansomething said...

Chiming in late here to say I'm sorry it's so frustrating, but that there seems to be every reason to hope it'll still work out.

And since you mentioned YouTube, have you seen the Complaints Choir of Helsinki?