Sunday, December 9, 2007

Random Bits of Fluff: "Remember Me?" Edition

I'm swearing an early New Year's resolution: I will not feel guilty about not blogging or reading blogs sometimes for days at a time. Why do I feel as though I get so out of touch so quickly? It's not that I'm not interested in all my bloggy friends - or that I don't look forward to hearing all your news and keeping up with all the little things in your life. Sometimes - and perhaps more this semester - I tend to retreat into my burrow and keep my head down. Partly it's work, partly it's living alone - I've realized how easy it is to truly retreat from socialization. Sometimes I forget that it takes effort to do social things - when TD is here, we don't go out partying all the time, but having someone (and not a Fur Person) around to talk to gets me back into the mood - helps me to practice my skills. Does that sound weird? Ah well - I hope you guys haven't forgotten me, even though I don't stop by to say hi once in a while! :)

A quick update on our quest for co-habitation: we should hear something definite next week - we know that the search cmte. met last Thursday and we're almost certain that was a positive decision. And they now need to take it to a full departmental meeting/vote. But, all signs point to yes! You'll hear me cyper-screech when we know...

And now, to the randomness of my existence for the past week:

1) Went to our department Christmas party last night - reconfirmed the greatness of my colleagues.

2) Did not get an internal grant I applied for and got snarky comments from the faceless (non-Humanities) committee member who reviewed it. I had suspected that they weren't able to fund everyone and I was told by someone on the cmte. that they "really strongly encouraged" me to apply for this other grant that I'm eligible for this year. So, fine - not a problem. But when I read the comments, they were so snarky, obviously way off base, contradictory, and bee-yotchy! It's like they needed to justify not funding me by acting like my proposal wasn't strong. I'm not much of an egotist about my work, but this was a good, well-written proposal. If they'd had some constructive criticism, I would have been happy to take it. But this was just "snark sans substance." Blech...

3) As I was reading said comments, I was in the middle of giving a final exam. During this exam, one of my students threw a very melodramatic temper tantrum. Apparently, he couldn't figure out "what I wanted him to write" on the ridiculously broad short essay question. When I told him that, a) that was his decision and, b) that we weren't having this conversation during the test, he said, loudly and snottily: "Whatever!" and then stomped back to his seat, threw his little blue book on the desk and sat down in a huff. I nearly burst out laughing! Before this sad display, I was tempted to help him out on his participation grade (he needs a certain minimum for it to count for his major); but now - FORGET IT, PAL!

4) I graded 40 papers and wrote an exam last Wednesday night. I slept about 20 minutes.

5) The next two days, I sat on the couch pay-per-viewing movies ("Blades of Glory" wasn't that bad, by the way)!

I must write another exam for tomorrow - fingers crossed that we hear something soon - then the holding pattern will cease and we'll be cleared for landing!

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heu mihi said...

For some reason this post didn't show up on my Bloglines! I just happened to check in because I've been wondering whether you heard anything about TD--and, even though you (technically) haven't, it sounds very promising indeed! Yay! Keep us posted....